Other PRN services.


Some of our clients demand continuity for their patients that comes with longer term assignments. If you desire going to the same facility for short periods. We have 13-week assignments available.


For those a bit more adventuresome and looking to expand their network, we have 13-week assignments that are greater than 75 miles from your home. These include moving and housing allowances to cover your costs.

Per Diem

If you are a highly skilled and compassionate Respiratory Care Practitioner, located in the L.A., Orange, Riverside or San Bernardino, Counties, we may be able to put you to work. Our clients have high standards and big expectations. We have pledged high caliber care-givers to those clients.


A wide array of services can be performed in the home, allowing individuals to enjoy the familiar surroundings of their own home. You deserve to have the best caregiver taking care of you or your loved one. We hire only quality, experienced, and compassionate care-givers. Allow PRN to help when you, or a family member is in need of specialized treatment, personal care assistance, or companionship.

Need Staffing?

PRN is a full-service medical staffing agency offering highly-qualified professionals ready to assist you in your day-to-day operations.